The Cost Of A Cigar-Smoking Lifestyle

When it comes to cigar price Dubai residents often tend to think that a cigar-smoking lifestyle is necessarily an expensive endeavour. While this can most certainly be true, there are various aspects that contribute to cigar costs.  As such, the team at The Stash decided to put together his handy reference regarding the aspects of a cigar-loving lifestyle that can contribute to its overall cost.

Your taste in cigars

Firstly (and most obviously), the relative expense of your cigar-smoking lifestyle will depend greatly on your taste in cigars. If you are completely happy with an Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente, CAO La Traviata, EP Carrillo New Wave or Alec Bradley American Classic you can get away with your indulgence without breaking the bank. However, if your taste leans more towards the likes of Cohiba Esplendido, Stradavarius, Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF or Gurkha Black Dragon, you’re in for a different set of digits entirely.

The price of cigars also greatly depends on where it is manufactured and whether it is aged by the manufacturer or stockists prior to being sold. For instance, if you cultivate a taste for aged Cubans you can be assured that you’ll feel it in your pocket, whereas an appreciation for younger sticks from lesser-known cigar-producing countries will not impact on your budget too greatly.

If you like to enjoy cigars from countries like Cuba and other nations that are often embroiled in controversy or subject to embargoes, you will find that the price and availability of your favourite sticks could be influenced by political upheaval.

Pro tip: If you find that a brand of cigars that you know to be relatively expensive is suddenly available at a bargain price, it is safe to assume that it could be fake. We recently published an article on the dangers of smoking fake cigars, as well as the detrimental impact it has on the economy of both the manufacturers and the buyers. You can read it here and here.

How often you smoke

Another aspect that impacts on the cost of a cigar-loving lifestyle is the frequency with which you indulge in your favourite sticks. Some people only enjoy a cigar on big occasions and during celebrations, while others wouldn’t think of ending a day without quietly contemplating its ups and downs over a good stogie.

However, it’s not only the number of cigars you smoke during a given month or week that pushes up the bill – if you are a regular smoker, it stands to reason that you will have a stash of stogies at hand at all times. This, in turn, means that you will have to invest in a good quality humidor, which also comes at a price.

Once you become a part of the cigar smoking community, it stands to reason that you will befriend many like-minded individuals. As such, when you sit down to calculate the relative expense of this lifestyle, you may want to factor in that you will regularly entertain other cigar smokers and, as such, would most likely want to have a) a nice selection of sticks on hand to pass around, and b) a secret stash of very rare cigars to give as gifts on birthdays and other happy occasions.

How you like to enjoy your cigar

While some cigar smokers are happy to enjoy the occasional cigar out on the deck once in a while, others like to turn it into an occasion. As such, you will find that some cigar lovers may have a stash of expensive brandy or bourbon to accompany their favourite sticks, or even choose to create a space in their homes where they can enjoy a smoke without fear of reprisal.

Other lifestyle considerations

Above and beyond the mere enjoyment of the occasional stogie, true aficionados often choose to indulge in cigar-related activities that go beyond the regular call of duty. They may, for instance, subscribe to a cigar magazine, become a member of a gentlemen’s club that has a cigar lounge, or even travel abroad to procure a few choice sticks. It goes without saying that these types of activities will naturally increase cigar-related expenditures and add to the overall cost of this particular lifestyle.

In short – a cigar-smoking lifestyle can be as expensive or affordable as you need and want it to be. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can invest in a good cigar subscription box with a built-in saving component; if you’re feeling flush the sky’s the limit!

Would you like to know more about the price of cigars and get stogie-related news fresh off the presses? Keep an eye on The Stash blog – we have a panel of cigar aficionados that keep an ear to the tracks to keep you in the know.

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