How Cigar Smoking Can Be Empowering For Women

Yes, we know, when you read the headline ‘cigar smoking empowering women’, you probably thought, what an incredible sexist topic for a blog post! Why on earth would you single women out like that? Stand down suffragettes, we come in peace!

The team over here at The Stash are neither pro-male or pro-female – to quote the inimitable Caitlin Moran, we are ‘’thumbs up for the six billion’’. In short, we believe that ladies and gentlemen are equally equipped to enjoy a good cigar and should be doing so every chance they get.

However, it has to be said that society, in general, tends to take a dim view where female cigar smokers are concerned, or did so, until very recently at any rate. Here are a few ways why smoking a cigar can be viewed as an empowering activity for women:

You’re thumbing your nose at convention

Female empowerment may be alive and kicking, but sexism and masochism are still very much entrenched in society as a whole. As such, you will find that while nobody will bat an eyelid when a gentleman lights up a cigar after a dinner, quite a few eyebrows will be raised if a lady decides to do the same. We will be the first to admit that this is ridiculous and that the mere notion that it is not befitting a lady to light up a stogie should have gone the way of the dinosaur a long time ago.

Unfortunately, these things take time and there will always be a few old frumps who stick to their outmoded guns where gender equality is concerned. So why not thumb your nose at convention and indulge in a cigar despite their protestations? You shouldn’t be concerning yourself with the ridiculous beliefs of gender-biased old fools anyway!

You’re in great company

Famous female cigar smokers include the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Frida Kahlo. Come on – it’s good enough for these feisty females, surely it’s good enough for you? Furthermore, the cigar-loving community is as much a sorority as is a fraternity. Once you make it apparent that you enjoy a good cigar and start moving in the circles of those who do the same, you will quickly find that you meet a lot of like-minded individuals who may share your views about more than just the occasional stogie.

It’s a ridiculous amount of fun!

There seems to be a general misconception that cigars are only to be enjoyed in dark, smoky rooms where all sorts of untoward mischief may be afoot. We’re here to tell you that the modern cigar smoker is no longer necessarily a thug, surly businessman, or old-timey gangster. In fact, cigars are enjoyed by individuals from every creed, nationality, race, and gender right around the globe.

You know why? Because it’s fun. Educating yourself about different kinds of cigars, sampling these cigars and becoming part of the stogie-loving community is all about indulgence and enjoyment. Once you realise that there is no political and sexist agenda, you are free to immerse yourself in this singular culture without fear of being deemed an unsuitable addition to the gang. In the end, that is the most empowering thing of all – letting go of the notion that something as innocent as smoking of a cigar can be imbued with sexist undertones.

Pro tip: If you ever do find yourself in a situation where somebody has the gall to suggest that you should not be smoking a cigar because you are a female, we recommend that you arch your eyebrow and laugh as though they had just told the funniest joke you’ve ever heard. In fact, you might want to call somebody over and recount their statement as though they had meant to be funny all along and use it to spark a conversation about ridiculously outmoded notions regarding women and what they can and cannot do. They won’t know what hit them and by the time the conversation is finished, you would have made your point without being unpleasant in the least.

Are you a female cigar smoker? We would love to hear from you! Please get in touch in the comment section and let us know how you got into it, whether you’ve encountered any sexism in this arena at all and if you find the habit empowering or simply enjoyable. Our female readers have always been very forthcoming with their opinions and we would appreciate it if you could take the time to weigh in on this matter.

Would you like to know more about the social implications of cigar smoking and get stogie-related news fresh off the presses? Keep an eye on The Stash blog – we have a panel of cigar aficionados that keep an ear to the tracks to keep you in the know.

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